This I Believe

Nicholas - Robbinsdale, Minnesota
Entered on March 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe…. That us humans underestimate the abilities of our minds. We live day to day, seeing the world as we choose to believe it. We never really stop to think about the endless things we doubt. A lot of people refuse to leave the “traditional” mindset, and that stops anything from ever being real. The only way that some things can ever be achieved is through our minds. It is hard to accept that reality might not be the way it really is, because we can only see certain views of reality.

It is said that we only use about ten percent of our brains. Well what would we be able to achieve with full access of it? Would we be able to experience other dimensions, would we be able to exist on a single consciousness? I don’t believe it is possible to comprehend what reality would be like if we did have full use of our brains. The extent of what is possible within the universe is just too big to understand.

People deny things like aliens or any intelligent life within space. If that were true, then the entire universe would be useless, simply revolving around planet Earth. Notions like that are just too simple; life has to be more complex than that. It is almost like our brains were designed with restriction, to see just how far we could go with limited access. Although humans are extremely intelligent, and have come very far, I think that we are still in very early stages of the infinity we exist within