This I Believe

nong - northfield, Minnesota
Entered on March 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Only One Cookie?

Oh, my gosh!

I was so hungry. The room, filled with pots and pan, twirled in circles as if I had ridden the merry-go-round for too long. Why, oh why, does the time tick so slowly? Dinner was at 7 p.m., like usual. I looked at the clock, only an hour and forty-five minutes. Tick. Only an hour and forty-four minutes to go. Tick. But I was hungry.

There, my whole world stopped turning as my mind saw a solution to my hungry stomach. At the corner of a hidden counter, there sat a brown bear. It had big bulking eyes, which I could see my reflection in it. Its fur was smooth and shining, like a rock that was sanded over and over. Cute.

“Only one cookie from the jar then, “I remembered my mother telling me. These words rang continuously in my ears. However, my hunger will not stop crying, just like how the wolf cried to the blue moon when it was sad. And so, I stared at the cookie jar made out of ceramic that was shaped into a bear holding a honeycomb that said “Yummy.”

Great, another way to increase my grumbling stomach.

I crept closer and closer. The closer I got the more I wanted one more cookie. Finally, I reached my destination. I stared at the ceramic bear as the ceramic bear jar stared at me. Suddenly, there was a tension between the bear and me, the staring contest had begun. Its eyes had not left my eyes. My dark brown eyes were no comparison to its black bulging eyes. With courage, I reached for the top, opening and, at the same time, fought to grab a cookie as I dared not to lose the contest.

I got it!

Two cookies! I chomped them down quickly before the ceramic bear jar turned real and attacked me. Only one cookie from the jar? Huh, but my mother wouldn’t have let me starve. Two cookies is ok, at least I did not kill the ceramic bear jar.

I believe doing what is right does not mean obeying the law. If the law told me that living up to 90 years old is illegal, should I die before my time is up? I think not.