This I Believe

Carolyn - Healdsbug, California
Entered on March 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The Power of Friendship

I believe good friends are powerful. Throughout my elementary and middle school career, I was lucky enough to obtain a tight-knit group of nine girls, all of whom I love, trust, and admire. I grew up with these nine girls, and we have memories ranging from fighting over swings, to fighting over recycled boyfriends, to fighting over who gets to use which quote in their graduation speech. Of course, there are quite a few good memories in there too.

My parents always told me that I was lucky to have such incredible friends, but I never thought of it as luck. That’s just the way it was.

It wasn’t until I entered high school without all of them that I came to realize how truly lucky I am to have had, and still have, such supportive and trustworthy friends. I am yet to encounter a single group, or even pair of friends who are as close as my friends and I still are, even after all the transformations we have gone through.

These girls really have shaped who I’ve come to be. They hugged me through tough times, encouraged me to try new things, and were always there for me, no matter how big of a mistake I made. Now, I can’t imagine what my life would be like without them. I see other kids at school, not just the ones sitting by themselves, but the ones who are in a group of kids, but are not completely comfortable being in it. These occurrences are all reminders of how truly lucky I am to have had such a supportive network of girls to guide me through every stage of my life so far.

This past weekend, all nine of us got together to go out to dinner, gossip, catch up, and tell stories. There was no special occasion; just a mutual decision that we missed each other and it was time for a reunion. I am told that a gathering such as this is remarkable for a group of fifteen-year-olds to go through with, but it just proves how strong of a bond we have.

All of my girlfriends have all ended up in different places, scattered in different lives in different high schools across the county. All of them, including me, have ended up differently, some have boyfriends, some don’t, some are doing well in school, some are not, some wear three times as much makeup as they used to, and some don’t wear it. There is not anything that is completely the same in any of us except for the memories we share.

Now, I only get to talk to two of them every day, because we go to the same school. Yet, even with the distance, we were all able to take a break from our separate, busy lives to get together once again. This, I believe, is the power of friendship.