This I Believe

Dolly - Allen Park, Michigan
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

Hide The Chocolate!

I believe in the power of chocolate. If there’s any thing I hate more is to see my brother sitting there eating my chocolate. Now I like chocolate just as well as the next person but how can a man like so much chocolate? Especially mine. When I think of chocolate a sigh of relief comes over me. The feeling is unexplainable. Oh! Did I mention the types of chocolate I dream of? Chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate peanuts clusters, strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, and of course chocolate milk. These are just a few the list is endless. Enough, my mind is swimming. I had to come up with a plan of attack.

So, as not to be undaunted, I have found a sneaky hiding place he’ll never find my chocolate…at least that’s what I thought. My first hiding place was behind the old electric mixer the big mixer that sits stationary on the kitchen counter. But that didn’t work he found it with no problem. Next, I hid my chocolate behind the vegetable cans, or high up in the cupboard behind the glassware, or in the refrigerator drawer with salad bag on top. None of these hiding places prove to be a smokescreen. I had to think, what I’m doing wrong?

Lets see, so far all of my hiding places were in the kitchen. It was time to be creative. I had to carefully make ground plans that worked. I could see this was going to be a challenge. After all if one plan didn’t work try another.

Of course! My room would be a great hiding place. It so messy he’ll never find it in there. You could hide things in plan view and skip right over it. Yeah! Why didn’t I think of this before? Gee! Where do I come up with these fantastic ideas? Sometimes I amaze myself. OK I’m in business now. Wait, I think I hear him coming. Now the true test, where to put it? Come on, think think think!!!

My brother came in the house and announced his presence “Hi everybody I’m home”. I quickly place the chocolate in a plastic bag with the rest of my goodies and just put it top of the bookcase and there I’m done. Now after congratulating myself of a job well done I’ll watch some TV. As he walked by and asked, “Hey can I have a stamp?” Sure, they’re in my room you know on top of the dresser. Then I could hear crunching sounds. That’s strange it wasn’t the TV. I turned and looked. IT WAS HIM! HE FOUND MY GOODY BAG! I’m doomed forever. My hopes have been shattered. I have come to realize there is no escape from the chocolate monster.