This I Believe

Jordan - Mattawan, Michigan
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of humor.

Many a time, I have seen someone do something funny, and then someone else will say, “That made my day.” I believe that the power of humor keeps all of us going at times.

A couple of years back, my mom was very ill. Personally, I didn’t know quite how to comfort her. Just being in the sixth grade, I wasn’t sure of many other ways to make people feel better, so I tried something I knew worked for sure, humor. From time to time, I would quote random lines from movies or shows to give her a laugh, to take her mind off of the pain. It seemed to work. This type of humor went on for awhile, until she made a recovery months later. To this day, I still quote lines, just to give us all an extra shot of humor.

Laughter is technically credited to the release of endorphins in the brain due to chemical firings. Endorphins cause a general good feeling in a person and they provide temporary pain relief. But, is this what laughter and humor is all about? I don’t think so.

I believe that humor is a social commonality, a stronghold in life. Without humor, everything would be so drab and dull. I believe that humor is that spontaneity in each day that gives you strength at times, and entertainment at others. Humor is that TV show that you watch, or that joke that your friend told you. Humor works its way into one’s life without being asked. It just happens. That’s not all, though. Humor is a feeling that everyone can relate to; it’s a socially acceptable way of bonding with others. In fact, high levels of bonding occur when there is humor involved. Humor has the power to bring people together.

It also has the power to ease pains in difficult times. Some may argue that laughter is just a way of minimizing a serious situation, or covering it up. This is not always true. Although a certain level of seriousness should remain, humor can be present. The fact is that humor only reduces the pain, it doesn’t take it all away. And while there are some situations that should remain an all-serious matter, humor only helps people to cope with pain. Humor has the power to help those in need.

In short, humor is all-encompassing and ranges from simple entertainment to life-changing experiences. Yet, it is powerful, solid, and available to everyone every day.

I believe in the power of humor, but I also believe that humor can impact everyone for the greater good.