This I Believe

Rebecca - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: prejudice

I believe hate is not a word. I don’t think humans have enough emotional power within themselves to possess such an extreme feeling. I think the most intense anger you can experience is an utmost disgust or a radical dislike for something. I don’t think anything horrid enough can happen to have your ideas or feelings escalate to the point of hatred.

Hate is an exaggerated form of another anger word. An embellished belief similar to the ideas of always or never. Neither “always” nor “never” can be proven. And if they could be, how would I go about proving them? Stay alive forever? That just might happen to be the one thing that I cannot do no matter how much I set my mind on achieving it. I cannot prove always or never, and therefore cannot prove hatred.

Humans are such fragile and inferior creatures. We have so many emotions and make so many stupid decisions. I know that’s how I am at least. I look back on the times where things happened, and I reacted quite excessively; over the top, you could say. There are many things I could have done different, but at the time I let my emotions get the best of me. Certain times in my past, if anyone asked me if there was anything or anyone I hated, I would have replied yes. But now I know better. I consider myself to have, at the minimum, an ounce of intelligence, and I now there are others more intellectual than I, so I do not think my belief can be described as farfetched.

I know horrid incidents have happened to others to make them think they hate another person or object, or what have you, but I believe people simply do not have the mind capacity to obtain such an expression. I believe they believe they can, my opinion is it simply cannot be done. Hate, in my opinion, is an adjective; a word used to describe something else. Made to put an incredible amount of emphasis on a feeling of anger or resentment. But it cannot be reached.

Keep saying you hate things, it doesn’t bother me, for I know the truth, and it is you who doesn’t understand, who lives in this feeling of “hatred”. The horrible place hatred condemns you to, where it puts you, and where you let it put you, for it is you who believes in it and gives it power, not me. Simply telling myself it doesn’t exist gives me a sort of leeway from its forces and forbids me from expressing it. And if this is what I believe, is it so wrong? Wouldn’t this world be a better place if no one believed in hate? If it wasn’t believed in, it wouldn’t exist.