This I Believe

aretha - arlington, Texas
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Inadequacy is in the mind, and simple actions make a world of a difference, as experienced by me at the local mall with my parents. We had just moved to Texas and wanted to experience all the great things in the state. Unbeknownst to my parents it was a crappy mall that no one really went to and almost desolate. The less than average mall did not attract my attention I tried to find something interesting but the most interesting place of this mall was the bathroom so that’s where I headed. I did not even make it to the bathroom when I heard a scream .Of course I looked around the corner. There I saw a girl crying and a right hook land into here cheek. A girl about fifteen sat on a bench whiles here boyfriend pummeled her. At this moment, I felt the most inadequate then ever in the present, past, and the later seven years of my life. I was nine, weighing about 76 pound scrawny, unathletic and lacking my parents. Without a doubt I enacted the lesson taught to me every year by school, parents, and cartoons: Find an adult and they will make everything better. I ran adult to adult all of them saying the same thing “It’s not my problem”. I was confused this was not the correct answer; they were supposed to eradicate the problem in an instance. I thought there must be something wrong with these particular adults. So I finally run to a store owner’s door, she locked it. All this while I could her girl’s screams and her boyfriend’s fist hitting her .They adults had finally failed me. I stood shocked thinking to myself what can I do…what can I do”. Routines from action movies and power rangers ran through my head but I knew I didn’t have the speed or strength to do that. I screamed, “Leave her alone”. Then her boyfriend started to hit her harder out of spite. I moved towards her not really controlling my body but acting on impulse and wrapped my arms around her. The boyfriend seemed taken back by this action and the blows stopped. I couldn’t believe what I had just done , before I had time to comprehend my actions her boyfriend began bellowing at me to move. “Move little girl this is not your problem… don’t make me a hurt you” .I did not budge I just held tighter trying to be her barrier. I turned my head and looked straight at him, he seemed to outweigh me by 200 pounds and his fist looked like the could smash my head. His hand was balled into ready to strike when I spoke with great confidence “how is it going to look to the police when you hit a little girl trying to stop you from hurting your girlfriend. He realized if he so much as touches me he set his prison sentence .I looked into her face and her nose was bleeding, right cheek bruised and a black eye. She was really beautiful long black hair, gorgeous eyes, and great facial features I could only wonder how such a brute obtain such a beautiful girlfriend .After he left all, I finally let go of the girl and looked the people who had not bothered to call 911.Most were bigger and stronger and realized I had achieved something greater than they .I am now sixteen years old, scrawny. And unathletic but relate now that adults are not always going to be there to help and I can accomplish great things for myself or others. One can conquer any lack of seize and strength once they put aside feelings of inadequacy to seize the moment .now a single action like a hug contains great potential.