This I Believe

Callie - Arlington, Texas
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

I believe that this world of ours today is becoming a shallow pool of lies and immorality. That this world is beginning to dry up, becoming housing for lifeless and mindless beings who only feed and walk. I believe that people in today’s time base their lives on fashion, fads, and money. The majority of the people we see today are not “real”—they are placing up masks to hide their true selves, afraid that no one would accept them for whom they truly are or how they truly look or behave.

I believe that in this world you have to be a certain way; look a certain way, be a certain way, eat a certain way, etc. To be accepted and loved in society you must be like everyone else. You don’t see hefty Victoria Secret models now do you? That is their definition of pretty; you have to look like this to get attention or at the very least wear the product. It’s rather sickening if you ask me…

I believe that in the society we have created one has to have the body of a model (both males and females), have a beautiful face that has no blemishes, and have to have long hair for girls and short hair for boys. Everything is stereotypical and set up so that consumers will be molded into this way of thinking. “Wear this and be beautiful” or “use this and be thin”— on TV, on signs, on buses, in magazines; everywhere we go we see advertisements on how to change ourselves to be the society’s definition of beautiful. If one is comfortable with themselves leave them be, but if they do want to change themselves don’t just shove these images up in their faces, let them decide who they want to be.

I believe that in this world most have a problem with accepting differences. This is not because of shallow ignorance or being molded; but being afraid. They are afraid of change or the fact that that could be them. After all change is fine for the next guy but not for you—no one wants to step out of their boundaries and just see themselves for who they are and accept it. They have to place up false idols and false images to escape from facing reality head-on…and the products being sold today are allowing them to continue this action.

Now don’t think I am talking about every single person—I’m not saying everyone is like this, and then I would be pretty much like the people I am ranting against and that would be a bit hypocritical. I am a bit shallow and afraid of change, but I am aware of it and just a bit comfortable with myself. Just because the majority might be a bit shallow, and they might not know it, it is how they are raised, does not mean I am talking about everyone. What I am saying is that we all need to be more aware on how we are placing ourselves in society. Are we so hung up about where Brittany Spears is having rehab over something like our parent’s birthdays?…Answer honestly; when are you parent’s birthdays? What about grandparents? Ok, now tell me what has recently happened in the romance dealing with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Do you know what star has been recently arrested for DUI?

Once again, I am not saying everyone—and some people might know both. But I’m just pointing out what is constantly being placed out, what you are being raised by.

I believe that unless we change ourselves and the world we have created everything we have done and made will fall—we will be the cause of the fall of mankind. I believe that to save ourselves and each other we must change our way—because the pool we are creating is shrinking; our minds our slowly dispersing, and our will evaporating into our already blackened air.