This I Believe

Daryan - Fort Worth, Texas
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of grammar, the last true art form. When I write, text and instant message, I use commas, apostrophes and my fair share of sunjunctive clauses. My utilization of the English language fills me with empowerment. Am I above an occasional slang or shortcut? OMG, no. I am still a naive little teen who LOVES to talk. You’d be suprised at how my devotion to the details has shaped my character.

To my friends, I’m the OCD, stuck-up one, worth a laugh whenever the stick up my you-know-where gets jammed up just a little farther by dangling prepositions, un-capitalized letters, poor stage presence and the fact that people cannot remeber A-R-Y-A-N does not change sound when one adds a D in front.

To me, a person who thinks about what comes out of their mouth shines more brightly by far than any philosophy junkie with a huge vocabulary.

I may have lost my debit card and W-2, but I can edit my brother’s fifth grade whale blue whale project like nobody’s business. I believe in a person’s right to have control over at least a fraction of the course their life takes. My life is a dichotomy, though, in that I put so much significance in the rules that make up our spoken and written language, but have a lack of respect for more, perhaps, concrete rules that affect our day to day lives. I’m a teen, therefore I speed. In my 1996 Honda Civic, 60 miles per hour is a recommendation, while 80 miles per hour is a given, usually when I’m late to school. For some reason, I take irresponsible, costly risks as a teenager, but I make sure to sound collected whenever possible. Olympia Dukakis boldly stated (by means of the 1989 film Steel Magnolias) that “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accesorize.” I laugh at the quote, but recognize her character’s devotion to life a la mode. The same can be applied to my devotion to grammar and all things correct. It makes the human race sophisticated.

Grammar is much more than a study, but another means by which we can analyze and work our minds to their full potentials. I believein a civilized culture that thinks while they speak. Period.