This I Believe

Michael - Fort Worth, Texas
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in a world free of youthful ignorance; a world of inspired youth. I believe in a world whose youth is not cursed with the poison of drugs, alcohol, violence, and vanity. I see my peers show off their new iPods, cars, and cell phones. They scoff me when i tell them that I have none of these, but I don’t care. In a way, I’m above it all; above them. It’s funny, really. I’m aware of the truth more than they. I used to have a CD player. When I would bring my CD playet to class, everyone would point at it, laughing and saying, “this is so old” and, “why do you still have one of these?” I am asked why I don’t have an iPod like them. I know why: Because I don’t need one. I don’t need an iPod to make me feel better about myself like they do. I don’t need to be accepted by the hands of vanity for comfort. I’m perfectly happy with myself. This Christmas I got an mp3 player, which I was overjoyed to receive. I proudly carried it around every day, and still do, listening to my music. When they see my “cheap” mp3 player, they tell me to throw it out and get an iPod like them. I ask them, “Why?” Why should I spend $200 more on something that does the exact same thing? To impress you? So I’m wasting $200 on impressing someone for a couple of seconds just so they can judge me. Many of the songs on my mp3 player are songs from cartoons like Spongebob. I simply enjoy listening to these because they remind me of when I was younger. When they look at these songs on my “cheap” mp3 player, they scoff at me because of the music I listen to. Despite all of this, I have never deleted any of my music. I don’t need to impress them with it. Why should I? I mean its music for goodness’ sake! It’s not as if they’re going to be listening to it. It’s my music so I’m going to listen to it the way I like to. My friend was sitting next to my at lunch one day when another kid, sitting across from us, saw his CD player. “Why do you have one of these?” he said, picking it up with disgust, “These are so old. You’re so poor!” My friend stopped bringing his CD player to school, and a week later came back wit a new mp3 player. When that, too was made fun of, he just stopped bringing music at all. Some people buy new phones when their old ones are ridiculed. Some buy new clothes. Some even buy certain cars. It’s all a big act. That’s what it is. Everyone is just trying to be accepted by somebody, anybody. Some even do drugs to be accepted by someone; just to belong. This I believe.