This I Believe

Steve - fort worth, Texas
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe in the power of sports. I believe in the the six hour long tailgate party before the big game or spending those nail biting games with a support group at the local sports bar. I believe in eccentric owners antagonizing league officials and referees. That events held every four years can bring people together, and stop decade long wars. That drives in the waning minutes of games can spur a city to joy. That oft repeated games of our youth can unite family and friends more meaningfully than any moral message or deflated proverb ever could. That hard fought league championships can bring together a plethora of different cultures in jubilation. That assembling a team willing to win, lose, and live together requires more intelligence and cunning than any mathematical equation. That a small sphere in a deflated nation can lift up an impoverished people in ninety minutes of competitive glory. I believe in Game 7, and the bottom of the ninth rally. I believe that everyone regardless of race, background, or creed can excel in this theater of equality. I believe that the freedom experienced on the playing field is unequaled. I believe in the impact that Ali, Woods, Campbell, Montana, Gretzky, and Jordan can have on a generation. I believe that true legends never die. I believe in the power than one month can wield over the other eleven. I believe in March Madness and the Cinderella run. I believe that the sweetest midnight oil is burned discovering the fatal flaw in the opposing offense. I believe that while decades of losing and hearthbreaking loses can be devastating, one late round draft pick or a single stolen base can turn around a frachise’s fortunes. I believe that the smallest trade deadline swap can give a struggling team what it needs to become the best. I believe that if the lottery ball falls the right way then my team might be prosperous for decades. I believe in the great dynasties that teams build, except for the Spurs, everyone hates the Spurs. I believe in the power of Sports