This I Believe

Carla - Euless, Texas
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of silence. Silence can frighten, uplift, comfort, and move to tears. All of humanity rests in the moments of complete and utter silence: a friend can be silently suffering, andyou don’t need tosay an entire word. Simply being there can say so much more than words could possibly describe. Or in that moment of anticipation,w aiting, hoping, stting at the edge of your seat, begging and pleading to some cosmic force up above taht they call your name, hoping beyond all hope that you are the winner. Or when they finally do call your name, and the happiness and joy is so much more than youc ould ever express, so you remain silentandabsorb it. That quiet is filled with all the joy in the world, and nothing, absolutely nothing can destroy it.

We clutter our silences with meaningless words and trite phrases, no longer able to hear the quiet , empty anthem oflife. quiet gives us the time and capacity to think clearly and rationally; it can help us realize what we need and what to doin order to attain what we need. We need the silence to survive, but we hate the silence because it gets to be too much. We don’t have the strength to bear something so powerful. And sometimes, the stillness says the things that we cant’, refuse to hear. Sometimes the quiet shatters our pride and forces us to open our eyes. Silence can be ruthless and unforgiving, showing us the things that we reject, that we can’t bear, but need to. We have to.

And when one becomes accustomed to the silence, one can understand all the flavors, the tenors, the moods of silences. It can be content; knowing that there’s nothing left to do or say and that everything is complete. Sometimes it can be awkward, when no one is exactly sure what to do or say. Sometimes the silence can be angry or sad; when you feel so many things, when you’re overwhelmed with so many emotions that you can’t say a single word. That is when the silence is at its most powerful, its most complete; that is when silence can be your most powerful tool.

So the next time you’re alone, or some place completely quiet, slow down. Stop. Listen to what the silence can say.