This I Believe

Andrea - Arlington, Texas
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe in music. As they say “Music soothes the soul”, I highly agree with this statement. Without music bringing a world of musical talent in our society today, the world would be a much tedious place. Music brings me to another world, another place where I can just simply relax and take in the words coming out of my CD player’s headphones. Music is major influence in my life. There never goes a day where I do not make the time to listen to my favorite song or watch my favorite music video. I know for a fact that our society would not be what it is today without the music industry. There would be no point in concerts, dances, certain shows to watch if it wasn’t for music. Another thought to take into consideration, music is not just one, big, same ordeal, there are many various genre types of music everyone can listen and relate to. I for a fact listen to all kinds of music, or music that actually have a moral emphasis or important message that uplifts my soul. I learn a lot of intriguing, captivating information from each song.

Music is a major way to express one’s personal thoughts or feelings, a way of making a statement or putting out an important message for others to catch on to and to take to their advantage. Music is certainly a form of poetry as well; used as another way to express and exemplify certain thoughts, certain feelings one has to say regarding whatever the situation, or crisis, or personal experience may be.

In conclusion, music is a major impact in today’s society. It brings a vivid, entertaining world, which makes life more enjoyable. Music can be anything from motivation, used for concentration, to just relaxing and peacefulness. You can never have enough music…