This I Believe

laurel - Fort Worth, Texas
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness

I believe in second chances. I believe that one mistake won’t determine the outcome of your whole future. I believe apologies should be accepted and grudges should be dropped. Being teenagers we often make mistakes. Sometimes trust is lost or punishment given, but for everyone I think there should be a second chance.

Being raised in an all Catholic southern family I was expected to be many things, however, a party socialite was not one of them. Growing up rules were given and we just accepted them. My sister and I were raised to be church going private school attending straight A student angels; this was not what I would turn out to be much to my parents’ surprise. As high school started the media and my wealthy bored private school friends started to lead me in a different path filled with late night parties, regular conversations with our local police department, lies to our parents, long groundings, and not much school work. Obviously like any good natured parent mine were concerned. The yelling began and I just sank deeper into this hole that I dug for myself which at the time seemed like the most amazing place I could possibly be. In reality was a hole full of quicksand and mud. Soon the hole became my life; it became so deep I couldn’t get out no matter how high I jumped. Then something happened that neither I nor my parents saw coming. When I was out one night at a friend’s house party a fight broke out. Just by the way, if I had to write a book on house party rules #1 would be “if a fight breaks out leave, leave as fast as possible without making a scene.” Obviously everyone knew this rule because a huge mob ran out of the house and into the street leaving the door wide open, rule #2 would be, “big mob running means run faster.” Skipping a few minor details the story ends with me having a very long talk with a very large officer. He basically told me that he could take me in and have my parents pick me up or I could clean up my act and go home. Of course I choose to go home. That night changed my life. Because that cop gave me a second chance, I thought why couldn’t my parents. The next morning I started to work on my relationship with my parents, to earn their trust back. Now a year my parents and I are closer then ever and I’m getting ready to head off to college. I believe in second chances because without my second chance who knows where I would be. Second chances changed my life; I think everyone should get that chance.