This I Believe

Carli - Healdsburg, California
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: community, place

Just Walkin’ Down the Street

I find myself walking the streets of my town often. I believe that the town’s best perks are noticeable before, during, and after the sunset. I usually walk when I am feeling tired, lonely, stressed, or when I just want to enjoy the peace. I walk the same route almost every time. Sometimes, I take a different turn in or add a different street, but usually it is the exact same as my last walk.

This year, the signs of spring arrived early, and I decided to start my walking again, since the rain in the last months was cramping my style. The sun was setting as I reached the top of University hill, and I watched the purples and reds entangle the sun, and then I kept going. I reached the track, and thought about running, but with reasoning, I decided it would ruin my walk. I walked down the street a few blocks, and turned right. My friend Drew lives on this street, and on this night, his parents were sitting out on their lawn, having martinis, and reading the newspaper. I didn’t want to ruin their bonding, so I kept walking until I reached the local Powell Avenue Market. As I was walking down this street, a person driving screamed “Hi Carli,” but I never made out who it was. I was now on my way home. I walked back up to University hill, and skipped down it. More people were out by this time, watering their plants, saying hello or nodding with a smile as I walked by. “Oh what a beautiful evening,” this one little old lady said, and I agreed with her. I walked by Recreation Park, where as I observed it, I reminisced about all of the years I spent there during the FFA fair, helping my friends herd their animals to sell, and eating hundreds of snow cones. I crossed the street, and found myself close to home. A family was out on their lawn playing with their three year old, and a woman was looking out the window of her house that was burned down recently, but is now being remodeled. I tried to smile and wave at her, but she was in a trance. I was one block away from my house at this point, and it was getting dark. I walked slowly by all of the houses on my last block, I saw people relaxing on their porches, and heard some yelling, some televisions blaring, some talking, and some silence.

This is when I realized that my walks help me to see that some things will never fade, such as the wonderful aspects of my town. I believe that my walks convey my life, and will always be full of surprises, yet will remain consistent at times, even if I do take a different turn, or add a new street into the routine.