This I Believe

Daniel - Healdsburg, California
Entered on March 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

In today’s world of high tension occupations, cut-throat competition, and stressful academics, we often forget to stop what we’re doing and just relax. After last week’s ridiculous insanity I now fully realize the significance of relaxation. I discovered that my body and mind could not handle the strain of homework, a science fair project and planning my future. On top of all this, I had one of the worst allergy attacks that I’ve ever had. Last week was the busiest and most stressful period of time in my high school career. After enduring this hell week, some serious relaxation was in order. I believe in the rejuvenating effects of relaxation.

Relaxation can take many forms, depending upon one’s preferences. For me, nothing says relaxation like a nice hike in the picturesque scenery around my home. It really is amazing how much satisfaction I can derive from a simple hike. The natural beauty that surrounds me and the sense of adventure provides for an invigorating my soul.

Earlier in the year, after one of the many hectic weeks, I decided I needed a break; I needed to reenergize myself. I decide that I would hike to the Dry Creek hills. My journey would take me through reddening grape vines, across the rushing Dry Creek and through dense forests. It was demanding, it was exciting, and most importantly it was relaxing.

Relaxation can take many forms, reading a book, watching TV, but in my case, a serious journey into the natural world is the ultimate retreat. People these days are so uptight, if only they could break free from the technological chains that bind them, and simply relax, the world would be a much better place. I believe in the power of well needed relaxation.