This I Believe

Eileen - San Diego, California
Entered on March 18, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: hope, setbacks

I believe in the resilence of all living things. The psychology professors I study under define “resilence” as ;”the capacity of people to cope with stress and catasrophe” while,my own working experience defines it as; “uncrushable spirit”.In my work with the homeless and disabled of both the human and wild animal species,I have witnessed again and again the resilence of the crushed and battered souls long after the world has given up on them. As a casemanager for the homeless,I remember the woman so battered by abuse and mental illness that she asked me to turn her into the PET or Psychiatric Emergency Team so that she would’nt kill herself. As the policeman and social worker arrived at my office,handcuffed her and took her away to a mental health facility,the rest of the staff shook their heads sadly, saying :”she won’t make it” . Years later,the same woman came up to me in a grocery store parking lot,beaming. She had reunited with the healthy members of her family and accepted a job she loved,working in a half way house for woman like herself. She was uncrushable, resilent. When working with a wildlife rescue group, I came across a seagull with hooks filling his ulcerated mouth and one webbed foot tied behind his head with fishing line. When freed from the hooks and line and nursed back to health, I watched him be released and soar above the ocean,scarcley one month after I had found him in such horrible shape. He was resilient and uncrushable too. When I watched parts of San Diego burn from my backyard during the horrific fires of 2003, I thought that the charred and blackened landscape could never recover but now,green,resplendent Spring foliage covers the once devastated earth. We are all resilient in some way and we need to nuture the seeds of hope and resilience in the battered and torn in our own lives and hearts. In this way we can all help each other be “uncrushable”