This I Believe

Anna - Healdsburg, California
Entered on March 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that dreams are more than something to just keep the mind occupied during sleep. Dreams can be clues to to what happens in real life, warnings, or a signal to what is self-consciously desired. Many people overlook dreams as silly sequences of nonsense that they can’t remember half of in the morning. In fact, dreams are often mistakenly looked down opon for their occasional terrifying characteristics. I, however, deem dreams as our brains’ way to prepare us for the future and teach us things that would otherwise easily go unknown.

One example of the intuitive ways of dreaming is when my grandfather’s cat ran away. Bootsy is very important to my grandfather, and he spends hours with her every day. After almost a week without her and the realization that she might not come back was creeping into his head, my grandfather had a dream. He dreamed Bootsy was sleeping among the mass of blackberry vines in hier backyard. The next morning, he ventured into his back yard with a pair of shears to get his yard ready for the spring garden. After cutting the majority of the bushes down, he found little Bootsy lying sickly in a ball, very much like in his dream. Since that lucky experience which allowed him to find his dieing cat in time to take her to the veterinarian office, my grandfather has continually preached the importance of dreams to all he loves in hopes of giving them wonderful insights and knowledge too.

Sigmund Freud was one of the first psychiatrists to look to dreams as more than random meaningless images. Freud believed that dreams portray unconscious feelings and wishes by replacing the true objects with nonthreatening symbols that don’t distrub sleep. Although my grandfather’s dream was much more obvious than the dreams proposed by Freud’s theory, I’ve experienced many dreams full of symbolism.

Dreams are something I believe are created and experienced for a reason, to help us. Whether it’s to help determine what is desired for the future or an important warning or clue, dreams are a gift that I highly appreciate. They might not always be like my grandfather’s dream, and they don’t always make sense, but dreams can teach us and help us in more ways than are even known today.