This I Believe

Johanna - Lexington, South Carolina
Entered on March 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

A Breath of Fresh Air

Every day when I practice my violin, I learn to live again. The music jumps from the page and into me, making me whole. The music frees me; it liberates my soul.

I have spent the last ten years with my liberator. Those years have been filled with a game of tug-of-war with my music. I try to control it, yet it often has a different plan. In the end, the music always wins. I acquiesce my control of the situation and I am rewarded deeply for this act of trust. Music takes me to places I could never imagine. It is only when I let my music take me where it will that I became truly acquainted with it and what it has to offer me: a breath of fresh air.

I first felt this overwhelming sensation of liberation at concerts. While listening to other groups play, instrument in my hands, I could feel my violin singing and breathing alongside the others. When the phrases of the piece swelled with emotion, my violin looked like a mother’s face, swollen with the pride and joy of life after seeing their child learn something new. It was as if my violin, Amadeus, was calling me. Amadeus was calling me to come and immerse myself in a world of freedom, where breathing fresh air is a regular occurrence. Amadeus was inviting me to learn to live again: to forget all of my problems and worries. He wanted me to set them aside for now, and just learn to live.

Once inside the world of music, every breath I take is deeply meaningful. Amadeus guides me on the many roads and pathways that music takes. He teaches me to express myself through my music. I learn that all of the emotions ever felt are heard through combinations of notes and rhythms that govern the world I temporarily inhabit. I learn that what I have been trying to say my entire life with words has been said a thousand times over through the language of music.

After discovering this language that I have known all along, I realize that my one never-failing source of ever-flowing life and freedom is my music. It leads me to worlds unknown and galaxies unexplored. It teaches me how to live again. Most importantly, it offers me a breath of fresh air. And because I have experienced this first-hand, this I believe.