This I Believe

Andrew - Hockessin, Delaware
Entered on March 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in a belief. Belief exists neither universally, nor does it exist factually or faithfully. It is completely undefinable. It is simply an undescribable feeling that drives who you are. I believe belief comes from within. Everyone has their own belief, whether or not you know which is yours, or even if you know you have one at all. I believe belief grows over time with you, and that it serves to motivate in times of ambition and to relieve in times of sorrow. Everyone needs a belief because existence without belief is simply existence.

I believe many – whether consciously or unconsciously – veil their beliefs. Beliefs are often confused and mixed with fact, faith, or even the beliefs of others. Unfortunately facts aren’t always truths, and new facts always present themselves. Belief withstands the test of time that fact cannot.

Faith openly and inherently relies on the beliefs of others who likely haven’t found their own core belief. It is completely separate from your own belief. You may have a faith, but your soul may not allow you to totally pursue it if your belief doesn’t match your faith. Faith before belief is unnerving. Faith can be broken. I believe faith can be pulled out from under you like a rug, and that faith relies on the future. Faith is hope for later times. Your belief is always present. Even in the worst of times, your belief can drive you to pick yourself up.

I believe the most dangerous shroud over belief comes from believing what others believe. It is very tempting to adopt someone else’s belief because it is often desirable to be like the one’s you idolize. But everyone has a different individual belief. I believe you shouldn’t have to live up to anyone else’s beliefs nor should you have to live down to them. When you do this, you no longer have your own belief, and you are simply existing.

That is not to imply that some beliefs are better or worse than others. I believe every belief is equal. Beliefs are not a limited currency. Everyone can have one and everyone’s is equally valuable to everyone’s self, so long as you have found it. Those that are happy and successful may think they have found it, and they may be right. It could be what got them there.

However, fortune is also different from belief. Fortune may bring you what you need to be happy, but beware because on the other side of the coin, misfortune ever lurks.

Those that recognize that belief comes before faith, fact, and the beliefs of others have the eyes to see what their belief truly is. All of the other three things can be acted upon based on belief. I believe that when belief comes first, you can begin allowing your belief to grow based upon what you learn from anything else. A belief is found, but experience develops it.

I believe that a belief that grows is not a set of different beliefs that come with time. It is really what it is. It is a singular belief that you have learned and know always to be true because it is versatile enough to adapt to any situation and feeling.

Continuing through feelings of sorrow becomes manageable with belief. When you feel bad, a belief can allow you to accept it as what it is. However this is not in the negative sense because belief isn’t settling for less. This is true with good times too. I believe a belief allows one who is enjoying good times to continue without dull complacency. It provides ambition.

I believe finding your own belief is the answer to finding and maintaining happiness. A belief is your gut guide to life. That is why I believe in belief.