This I Believe

tommy - sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Hard work is its own reword

If you set a goal and work hard enough to achieve the goal then you will but if you just sit around all day and watch the time pass and not try you might as well have not set the goal to begin with.

It started when I was around six years old my dad and his friend started working on a race car. When they were finished with the car they started to take it to a track called Tristate Speedway. My dad would always take me with him to watch the races. The track was a half mile circle dirt track. At the first of the season they had an opening carnival with games and you could ride in the race cars. So my dad put me in a car and he took me around the track a couple of times. I had the best time that day and ever since then I have wanted to drive a race car.

A few years later we moved to Sapulpa and my grandfather introduced us to a local track but this time it was my dad racing. By then I was about ten years old and I helped as much as I could. From helping him week after week I realized how much work it takes to make the car go from the front to the back.

The first year that he raced he placed 4th place champion the next year he raced he placed 2nd place. Then in the middle of the third year his car was gone and we moved to Claremore. The addiction was still there for both of us so after four years of no racing we decided to move back and start again but this time it would be me instead of him racing. So we bought a car and started building on it and there are still plenty of things left to do and little time left.

It takes a lot of work to make it that far in any thing you do standing around doing nothing is not going to help you. As long as you always try hard and do the best of your ability then you can do any thing that you want no matter what it is.