This I Believe

Samuel - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: prejudice

Be Open Minded but Not so Much that Your Brain Falls Out

Have you ever looked at someone and automatically assumed that they were a bad person? On a number of occasions I have both witnessed and partaken in prejudging, or mocking someone before even saying a word to them. This is what we were born to do, to shun the ones who are different, and to want to be with the ones who are the same as us. You may remember being a child and knowing how unforgiving and harsh children can really be. I remember times when I was a child that I made fun of a person simply because they wore glasses. The truth is, it doesn’t stop at childhood, and you will always carry prejudices with you, You may not be a racist, or a sexist but no matter how small the prejudice is, it will always exist in your heart, and in your soul.

I can remember a time when I was in middle school and I was walking down the street. I saw a man with what appeared to be a dog collar on with dyed black hair, black finger polish and a shirt from some random band I had never heard of. The first thought I had when I saw this man, “god I hope he doesn’t kill me.” A woman carrying multiple shopping bags passed him, and she dropped her purse without. The man bent down and picked it up. I assumed he would he would just walk away with it, but instead he turned around and chased after the woman to give her back her purse,

I felt bad after seeing this scene unfold. Just from seeing this man for a couple of seconds I assumed he would be a mean and hateful person just by the way he dressed, No matter what people, there will always be prejudice in the world and no matter how pure or understanding you may be you will always have preconceptions about every single person you see. All you can do is try and stay as open minded and non judgmental as possible. So, just remember that even though someone may look like the devil incarnate, they may just be an angel.