This I Believe

Kevin - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

A Tool for Life

Perseverance is the best tool someone could have in life. With it they can do almost anything. I mean look at the airplane, if the Wright brothers would have given up do you think flying would be the way it is today? I don’t, because if they quit and someone had eventually succeeded in building one, it would be at a later date and the technology probably wouldn’t be as advanced in airplanes as it is today.

If given a choice would you continually work hard and never give up to feed your kids and keep a house over their heads, or would you just give up and let then fend for themselves on the streets? A few years ago that’s the way it almost was for me. Both of my parents worked two jobs, I saw them maybe once every other day. They never saw each other when they were home, constantly working to keep feeding us.

Perseverance is a tiger searching for its prey. The tiger never gives up looking for food because it must feed itself until its dying day. Perseverance is the same in that once you start you should never give up until that task is complete, or you can even go the extra yard and make it even better than you had originally planned.

If you are going to start something you should finish it, because people tend to feel better if they don’t have just a bunch of uncompleted projects piled up in a corner in their room. I know I do. Even though I am a lazy person, if I start something I usually finish it. Granted it may be a little late because of my laziness, but I will finish it.

Perseverance is the greatest tool someone could have. It is a very good one to have throughout your life. If my parents didn’t believe in perseverance I wouldn’t be the person I am today. If the world didn’t believe in perseverance then we wouldn’t live the way we do today.