This I Believe

Kyle - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

Honest Cheating

Is there such a thing as honest cheating? Have you ever had a chance to cheat and no one would ever know about it but you? There are certain people in this world that will cheat to make themselves seem better. The other kind of person will have the chance to cheat but will pass it up, because they know that cheating is a hard thing to live down. I believe honesty is the only way to get along with people.

This year one of our golf tournaments was at the Forest Ridge country club. It was nice and sunny this day as opposed to the cold and windy days of previous years. It was on the par 4 number 6 on this course that I lost my ball. One of the guys in my group found a ball off in the trees and asked me if it was mine. I looked it over and I knew that it wasn’t my ball, but at the same time I was thinking if I play this I may be able to get it on the green. Instead of cheating I kept looking for my ball that seemed to have suddenly disappeared. After I had to take a drop and hit another ball, I ended up making a double bogey. As the day went on, the thought of playing a ball that wasn’t mine arose over and over again should I have played the ball that wasn’t mine? Did I make the right decision? I was relieved when I reached the 18th green after a long, but exhilarating day.

We encounter difficult decisions every day, but what separates all of us is how we deal with these problems. It is easy taking the short-cut. I see people all the time cheat, but I don’t say anything because that is their decision if they want to be honest or not. Most of the people that make millions and play an important role in society made it to the top by working hard and not cheating their way through life. Anybody can lie, cheat, or steal but it takes a person with true character to be honest about all aspects of their life. Whether on the golf course, or through your journey in life, there is no such thing as honest cheating. This I believe.