This I Believe

Jesse - beggs, Oklahoma
Entered on March 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The laws of America

The laws of America are very important to the people of America. Some of them may be

for it, and some may not, depends on who you are. Do it legally and fill out the papers. Did you know that some illegal immigrants make this country?

One of the laws of America that I feel very strongly about the law illegal immigration. I

Do not have a problem with people coming into this country. It is the land of opportunity; have better health benefits then we citizens? We as citizens think its ok to hire. We ask ourselves why, because they work for nothing. It is dead illegal and America or most of it anyways oversees it. We all see this over and over so why not just stop it and help ourselves.

Now we move on to illegal drugs such as cocaine, math, or any other type of illegal substance. This cost so much that some people do not realize that they are paying taxes for jails to house the criminals I believe that if you see, or k now someone taking these illegal substances. Help them get help because remember your paying to house these inmates

Underage drinking is a serious thing here in the United States there are more teens killed than in any other country because of this. It has also been costly for both families and society. I believe that they should make the age higher. It would more than likely even things out.

So pretty much whether it is smoking weed or drinking with friends you’re paying for people’s stupidity. This is why it is so important to these laws in our schools to young people everywhere. Hopefully they have a pretty good idea of what is happening. It is getting worse, but we can stop it.