This I Believe

ryan - sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

True Friends

Have you ever had a friend that would stick up for you no matter what happens and encourages you when you need it? This would be defined in my vocabulary as a true friend. I believe in true friends that are not selfish and do not care to help you out every once in a while. What are some characteristics of a true friend? I think everyone should have a true friend in their life. They sure make life a whole lot easier.

I have two very good friends that I would put in the category of true friends. They are Doug xx and Amber xx, I have only known these people for about a year, but they have shown me the true meaning of true friendship. For an example about a month ago someone had gotten mad at me and wanted to fight me. I did not want to fight so I walked off but he followed me and I was surrounded by a lot of people. Someone called Doug and he came running to help me. Amber has helped me with a lot of things and encouraged me when I needed it the most. I feel like I can talk to her about anything and do not have to worry about her laughing at me. These two are the best friends I have ever had.

Some of the characteristics of a true friend are kindness, unselfishness, and understanding. These are very important characteristics. A true friend should have all of these traits and more. Without some of these they are just like any other “friend” that as soon as you run out of money or something they are gone.

Friends make life a whole lot easier. Without them it makes life several times harder. I believe in true friends because without my friends I would not be in the place that I am now. I would not be striving for A’s. I would not be striving for set goals in my life. I would have already gave up and quit if I had not had friends to help me. This is why I feel so strongly about true friendship. I am extremely blessed to have the friends that I have. I pray that I never loose them.