This I Believe

Justin - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Finding Friends

My friend Michael my most important friend to me. They always back me up when I need them the most. Anytime I need one of my friends to be there for me. I can always call them and they will be there to help me. My friend Michael has to be the most loyal friend to me than anyone I’ve ever met. He has had my back ever since we’ve been in about sixth grade or so. He has even helped me in the bad times of my life.

There were times when I needed him to help me on little things like helping me clean my house or something small, or just simple chores. Then when I needed him to make important decisions that I could not make for myself, he would make them for me. But there were times when I kind of got him in trouble for things that he was not even involved in.

Then there was a time at church when I needed his help. I was in an argument with someone I knew outside of school. Apparently, I stole something from him and he was not very happy with that. I think it was his skateboard or something like that. But anyways, this guy was yelling at me right before church began and we were in a big argument, we almost got in a big fight besides the fact that I knew it was just me and Michael and the other guy had about seven people behind him not looking very happy with me. Finally, just before the big fight began, Michael jumped in front of me and started yelling stuff, honestly I can’t remember what he was saying because he was just yelling and it was hard to understand. But somehow that got to my head and I decided not to do a thing about this because I would rather just argue than get in a

fight with someone. After awhile we were still arguing but we never got in a real fight. Then the next day or two we saw each other again at the general store by our school. We just stared each other down but didn’t say a word. Michael quickly stood by my side just in case anything was going to get ugly again. I noticed that he found his skateboard which I “stole” from him. He sat beside me on a bench and still didn’t say a word. Finally he broke the silence with a “what’s up dude?”

He asked me to skate around town with him some and I accepted and Michael decided not to so he left. So, my story wraps up as my best friend in the world helped me make a new friend after some hard times. And I’m very happy that we hang out now, because he’s actually pretty cool. Now I have a new friend who has my back whenever I need him.