This I Believe

Bill - Tallahassee, Florida
Entered on March 15, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe it’s time to stop lying. It’s time to stop lying, hiding, and pretending that all of us are stupid. We have never really been stupid. We have done a lot of hiding and pretending. Hiding our knowledge and pretending to be stupid, that’s all. I’m not just talking about Black people; but we’re first in line. Let’s start with the most obvious stuff then move to the heavy lifting. Affirmative action programs, poverty programs, immigration programs, small business administrations, welfare programs, were not what White people used to get where they are today. None of them waited in line for green cards at Plymouth Rock for Native peoples to process their applications for admission. I believe if we continue to play stupid and hide our knowledge of how things really work we can continue the immigration issue at least until the third coming of Bush (Jeb that is). Do you really believe that you can have an information age and no one is going to connect the dots? How is it that we blame Black people for being lazy criminals who have too many babies they can’t care for; while at the same time documenting the genocidal social, political, and economic warfare that has gone on in this country since the transition of slavery? No, I didn’t say the end of slavery. Read ALL of the words in the amendment and you will see what I mean. Is this why you don’t want little Johnny to read? O.K. lets review: Black people spent 400 years in slavery, denied their humanity and their own culture, language, and social structure. Do you remember the professors in your social sciences classes talking about how important those things are for maintaining a human society? After the Civil War and something called reconstruction (which had nothing to do with us) we spent sixty years under the most vicious physical, social, economic and political attack known to man. I’m talking about lynching, mass murder, arson, assassination, rape and disenfranchisement on all levels. Today, instead of establishing and maintaining institutions and social structures like real human beings we are supposed to rely on programs. What kind of sick mind thinks up anger management classes for young Black men after all this history? If we all start acting like intelligent adults we will have to admit that White supremacy is a myth and a lie used to cover up White fears of inadequacy and greed. White supremacy is based on the most basic flaw of all bullies; they’re afraid. They fear really competing with people who don’t look like them. Afraid that they live in a world of limited resources that they don’t want to share. They fear that if they don’t threaten, kill, and terrorize the rest of the world they might just be loved into none existence by people who don’t look like them. Let’s end with the heavy lifting. We now live in a world where there is no privacy and no secrets. Everybody knows what everybody else is doing in their own bathrooms, bedrooms, and boardrooms. We pretend that the war in Iraq is not about oil and Dick Cheney didn’t plan this along with Halliburton and friends. We pretend that Arabs all over the world, suddenly woke up pissed off at America for no reason what so ever and the only way to solve that problem is to bomb the hell out of them. We pretend that America can do no wrong while at the same time documenting and detailing endless crimes in our own textbooks and databases. We pretend that there is a real difference between the Democratic and Republican parties beyond the fact that the Democrats accept money with their left hands and Republicans accept money with the right. I believe we need to have a reckoning of the information. Let’s take the blinders off and pull the earplugs out. Let’s see if we can get some help for White people so they aren’t so afraid of living with others. Maybe Dr. Bobby Wright was wrong and we’ll find a cure for psychopathology.