This I Believe

Laura - Davie, Florida
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe everyone needs a best friend. My best friend is the one who is closest to me, a person that can truly bring out the best in me. “Side by side or miles apart, dear friends always stay close to the heart.” This quote describes the friendship I have with my best friend, Molly. I realize I have had several “best friends” throughout my life, but the term “best friend” has been used loosely. Six years ago, I met Molly and in the beginning I didn’t realize how important it was for me to have her in my life, to have a true blue best friend.

Molly and I met at camp and we were the two new girls that were forced to live with the girls who had been returning back to camp summer after summer. Molly and I instantly clicked and our bond was stronger than most at our age. Although we enjoyed daily discussions about our crushes and a good old game of tag, our relationship was rather different from other12 -year -old best friends. We rarely disagreed on much, nor did we fight about petty nonsense. We were always together for four consecutive summers; it was practically known that we were best friends.

Over the years, our friendship has evolved into much more than camp games and cute boys. Molly has always been there for me, even though we are miles away from one another. She lives in New York while I live in sunny Florida.

I believe she will always be there for me because she is my best friend even though we may only see each other twice a year. I make her laugh and in exchange she makes me laugh ten times harder. When I’m feeling down I know who to call to put a great big smile on my face and remind me that everything is okay and everything will always be okay.

I believe all people should go through life with a best friend by their side.