This I Believe

Betsy - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: science

This I Believe

I believe that it is time for conventional medicine and alternative medicine to come to terms with each other and forge a partnership. Today in America many people who are dying from cancer and other diseases would have a much better chance of survival if they had the collaboration and skills of both conventional and alternative strategies. Doctors trained in conventional medicine seem often to also be trained to believe that they should never look at other possibilities of improving patient survival, or they are simply unaware of the possibilities. It could be a problem for conventionally trained physicians to encourage or inform patients about alternative medicine as this is highly frowned upon by their training and their medical associations.

Because our conventional medical system seems to have more of a voice and mort of the power, their beliefs spill over to the general public who then are either prejudiced against alternative medicine, unaware of other strategies, or believe it is foolish of them to explore other possibilities.

I have just watched a dear friend die a very slow and painful death from bile duct cancer. No human being should have to suffer the way he did.

I too am a cancer survivor, though ironically it was not until his diagnosis with its grimmer prognosis that I began to learn more about how cancer thrives in the human body.

I believe things could have turned out differently for him had there been more acceptable options available to him. Yes, I suppose one could say the options were available anyway, but I am emphasizing the word “acceptable” here. Because of the ridicule often heaped on alternative medicine, many people don’t even explore the possibilities, doctors included. I believe that most people will not challenge authority, and since it is conventional medicine, drug companies, medical associations, and the FDA which seem to have all the authority, many people are left with fewer strategies.

At the very least patients of all degenerative diseases should be informed about the links between diet and disease. Heart patients certainly are encouraged to change their diet.

In 1931 Otto Warburg won a Nobel Medicine Prize for proving that cancer is an anaerobic activity. Healthy cells use oxygen but cancer cells need an oxygen-poor environment. Can’t we do more to build on this important discovery?

Can more research be funded to identify the links between cancer and diet, between acid and alkaline body tissues and cancer? As the body tissues become more acidic due to stress how specifically does this contribute to the onset of cancer?

I am not asking that we turn our backs on conventional medicine. My hope instead is that in ten years time, we will see the three cancer cures of radiation, chemotherapy and other drugs, and surgery as only three tools in the arsenal against cancer and other serious illnesses.