This I Believe

justin - sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports


Bowling is my passion it helps me get through life.

I have been Bowling a few years and I love it if it hadn’t been for bowling I would have dropped out by now but I haven’t. It helps me clear my mind the sound of the ball hitting the floor and then the pins. Rolling back up from the belt there is just something about it. I think many people can understand why I love bowling so much.

My idols include Tommy Jones, Pro Bowler Gary Roberts, a local bowler and I work as a Mechanic at the Bowling Alley. One of my greatest achievements was bowling a perfect game and won the junior pros league. I was really proud of myself for that great accomplishment.

My family was also proud of me as well. When I was about fourteen years old I started bowling at the local bowling alley and it just came naturally to me I have been bowling ever since getting better and better throughout the years. When I got to high school I discovered the high school bowling team and the kind of recruited me. I think I just had pride because my great grandfather had been a regional champion bowler and I thought I would live up to his expectations. Mostly I go bowling with my friends. They have confidence in me that I will win the junior pro team championship. My favorite brand of bowling balls is Brunswick I believe that there is some supernatural luck with that brand because I shot a three hundred point game with that brand of bowling balls. In the middle of the month of july I go to the bowling national championship in Buffalo, New York. Last year I placed 855th out of 1600 junior bowlers in the nation at

Fort Lauderdale Florida. That was pretty good considering I had a broken arm. I also believe that all forty planks of wood on the bowling lane have a different meaning.

That is why I believe in bowling. Thank You