This I Believe

Adam - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Learn From Mistakes?

People always say ‘learn from your mistakes’. Yet nobody ever does except on occasions. People always think there mistakes or the mistakes of others can not happen to them twice or not at all. Of course it does, today’s world wouldn’t be the same. For example, drama and Hollywood thrives off of peoples mistakes.

Your parents always tell you when you want to go to a party ‘no, because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did.’ Then you ask them why and you receive the same parent programmed, universal answer, ‘because I said so.’ Personally, that’s a load of crap. You are not going to listen to them. That inner ‘rebel’ comes screaming out ‘don’t listen to them! Do it your-self and stick it to them.’ Of course you listen to your ‘rebel’, not your parents, unless you are smart.

But nobody is smart. I my self have had this discussion with my parents. I didn’t listen; I still went to the party when my father was gone, and enjoyed those ‘youthful magic moments’. The next day however, I did not enjoy the scorn of my father and his terrifying wrath, that and the splitting head ach. My father used the head ach to his advantage by yelling really load and banging pots and pans. He then grounded me for life and gave me a long lecture, which I didn’t listen to. All I could think about was that he should be quiet and turn of the lights.

So you would think the next time I was invited to a party I would turn it down. However, I could blame it on being a seventeen year old teenage boy, temptations over came my will power and I went any way. My fathers’ wrath was then ten times worse then the previous time.

The moral of the story is to listen to your parents and if you don’t, learn from your mistakes; even thou I believe nobody learns from their mistakes. God save the Queen.