I believe in believing in others.

Paula - USA
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

To have faith in others shows that you are willing to wait for someone to make the right choices. As a young girl with an adolescent mind I had to believe in one particular person who I hold very close to my heart, my mother.

When I was young I believed that I had the best life with nice things, good friends, the two best sisters ever, and parents that loved each other unconditionally. I was naïve.

My mother was a six year sober alcoholic. I had no idea that she had a disease and especially not as bad of a disease as alcoholism. I will never forget the day my mommy came home drunk, losing her six years of sobriety. It was scary and new. I had never seen her this way. This disease took over my mommy.

She drank everyday and at night she would go out with her friends and come home at dawn. My sisters and I, as young children, didn’t really know what was going on with our mother. We would ask our father every night for months, “Where is Mommy?,” and he always had the same response, “I don’t know.” Looking back now I can almost see, touch, smell, hear, and taste the pain that my father had in his heart.

I started to realize what was actually going on; my family was falling apart. My mother was getting worse, and with all of the pains he was causing our family, I always seemed to believe in her. I looked for the good in her and I believed that one day my mother would come back to us.

I remember the day as if it were yesterday. The day my mother went to an out-patient detox center. My mommy was back. Somehow I always knew that she would come back. Believe in her gave me hope. It made me feel as if all the bad could happen and then everything would be ok again sometime soon. No matter how far a person jumps off the deep-end, they always have the chance to finally make the right choice and get their life back. This is why I believed in my mother even when I saw the side of her I hope to never see again. I believe in believing in others.