I believe that happiness is what makes life worth living.

Jerri - USA
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I know I do not have a particularly demanding and stressful life, but I feel pain nonetheless. However, I always manage to look on the bright side of everything that comes my way. I am known for being happy. Whenever I receive an award, the first thing people say is “this girl is always smiling, and it makes everyone around her feel good about themselves.” I love that because a smile is contagious, and making others smile makes me even happier.

Living a life in sadness and depression only creates emptiness. One pessimistic person can affect everyone around them, and make them mawkish too. A friend of mine had a boyfriend, smart and very kind, except he knew he did not want to be with her once high school ended. My boyfriend, on the other hand, I know wants to stay with me when he goes to college. I know I am young, but I also know that no one, no matter what age, wants to be in a relationship knowing it will end. My friend however, seemed jealous in a very minor way of my relationship. She would constantly put me down saying things like, “That’s so stupid. Why would you want to go to college with him? It’s never going to work.” I know this may be true, but there is a way to say something like that without breaking someone’s heart. If she were truly happy with her situation, she would not have needed to put me down. Even though she is my best friend, I will never forget what she said.

I am lucky though, because I look for the upside in everything. I took this occurrence and realized how lucky I am to have someone that wants to be with me. I learned to overlook what she said to be out of her own unhappiness. Realizing that she cannot change the way I feel allowed me to become a happier person. I now know not to rely on anyone but myself for my own happiness. Happiness comes from within, from our own hearts. Not the good things or lucky things that happen to us, but the way we perceive things. Happiness can be attained by everyone; it is only the bitterness and the jealousy that hinders our ability to realize this.

Of course I get upset, but I do not take it out on others, and I am always happy for people when they are recognized for their accomplishments and talents. I wish everyone could understand that as long as you are happy, everything seems worthwhile.