This I Believe

Jessica - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Singing is My Passion

Have you ever thought that singing could be a universal language? By singing you can reach many people in many different countries with the message in your song. I never realized how much singing and music in general was in my life until I was assigned this paper. When I finally realized what I believed in it hit me like a speeding bullet. Singing made me think back to my childhood.

From as far back as I can remember and still to this day, my mother has sung to me. She sang me to sleep, she sang to me when I was sad, and we would sing together when I was happy. Every time she would sing she would rub off a little more beauty onto me. When she would sing she would sing with so much passion and caring that I felt it. Her singing made me want to sing also for the love and passion in it. I got into choir in my church and at my school. When I was seven years old, I was the lead in our church play of “Mary and Joseph.” I loved to let people hear me sing to maybe inspire them with my passion. When I got into my sixth grade year I started to become shy. I enclosed myself into some sort of a bubble and I stopped singing for people. My confidence became a big issue.

It hurt myself and seemed to hurt my mother that I wouldn’t sing anymore. My mom always told me if I had the talent to show it off as much as I could. I finally got a new found confidence with my newfound friends. They also loved to sing as much as I did. Singing is my passion and I can not go one day without singing. My day would feel incomplete without my music. When I and my friends are driving down the road we sing at the top of our lungs hoping anyone and everyone can hear us. No Matter what I do. No matter where I go, I know my mom will always be behind me to be my number one supporter.