This I Believe: Faith

Tara - USA
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: illness

If it wasn’t for the faith that my family, friends, and I had, Josh might not have made it. Before the news about my fourteen year old friend, I didn’t quit understand the word faith. I knew the term, but I never knew the meaning until it was used in such a big part of my life.

Josh is a very close friend of the family, and like a brother to me. He is fourteen years old and has two tumors in his brain that were found to be cancerous. He has had ten surgeries since they found the tumors. During the surgery, to remove one of the tumors, they had to cut a part of Josh’s brain that could never grow back; he lost his short term memory. He cannot remember new things, such as; if he meets someone he will not remember them the next day.

During the two months that Josh was in the hospital, I truly had faith. I had confidence that he would live and be okay no matter what. I trusted that Josh would get better, and he would be happy. My surety didn’t fail me. Josh has cancer and very little memory, but he is alive.

Whenever I visit Josh, he always has a big smile on his face. He seems so happy to see me. He can’t wait to tell me some funny story and he always asks when were going to hang out. It makes me glad to know that Josh is alive and happy. I trust that the chemotherapy and radiation will put the cancer into remission so Josh and I can hang out again. I believe that Josh will enjoy his life instead of having to go to the hospital every day until the cancer is in remission. I have faith in Josh’s abilities and he has shown me that even though he is still sick and cannot remember very well, that he is happy and most importantly alive.

This experience with faith has made me grow stronger in my beliefs. I find myself using faith almost everyday. I use faith daily in cheerleading; I have to trust in my coach to know what he is doing. I have to have faith in my parents to pay the bills and keep food on the table until I start my own life. I have grown in faith and learned that it can make a difference.