This I Believe

Harry - Aventura, Florida
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Throughout my life, I have seen many talented people in many different areas. Some have been great athletes, such as Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant. Others have been great businessmen, such as Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs; and others have been professionals in the areas of medicine, such as my parents. All of these people have worked their way up from being nobody, to being important individuals and essential people to this world.

Day after day, I realize what’s most important in my life: to be successful. Wouldn’t it be nice to be like one of those important people who are so vital to this world for their talents? The athletes are idolized for entertainment, the businessmen are necessary for the industry, and the doctors are fundamental to saving people’s lives. I have concluded that for me to achieve my goal of becoming successful, I have to follow my dreams and pursue them until I achieve them, and I have to work hard in school to get a good education in a good college.

I consider that for me to reach success, I have to follow my dreams and pursue them until I achieve them. Since I was a little kid, I have dreamed of becoming president or CEO of an important company, making enough money to support my family and give them everything that they deserve. For this I have to follow my dreams, like Michael Jordan and Dwyane Wade did. These guys were born and a basketball was placed in their hands. By practicing, and dreaming of becoming celebrities in the National Basketball Association, they were able to accomplish their goals. That is the example that I am following.

I also think that for me to be successful, I have to work hard in school to get a good education in college. Just like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, I’ve always wanted to be a CEO of an important company. To obtain this goal of mine, I have to carry out the example that my parents gave me. They have always reminded me that before they became doctors, they had to work hard in school and in college. After seven years of studying medicine, they were able to fulfill their dreams. This is another example that I want to follow.

I believe that everyone in the world has the power to be successful. If I fight for what I believe in, I can achieve it. Life is complicated, but I must never give up. I know that I can be successful. And so can you. You just need to work hard.