This I Believe

Krystal - Boise, Idaho
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

Second Star to the Right

“Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning” calls Peter Pan as he flies through the air with Wendy, John, and Michael to Neverland. There are many different kinds of neverlands. For example Peter Pans Neverland has mermaids, indians, and pirates. My Neverland, has talking animals and wizards. Unfortunately, a great evil darkness threatens to take my Neverland away from me forever. I believe in Neverland because it’s something that I don’t need pixie dust to help me fly there, but only an imagination and a desire to be a kid forever.

My Neverland was awakened when I realized that my dad would never be there for me when I really needed him. It is at moments like that when I would escape to my Neverland, my imagination, because it is the one place that no one could touch me. At first, Neverland was just a dream-land where my mind would wander to at night to dry my tears. As I went through school, I found myself lonely for a friend. It was at this time when I first escaped to Neverland in the day time.

I am Queen of my Neverland, from the mountains full of the greenest trees in the east to the deepest and most colorful valleys in the west. My Neverland is perfect, except for the darkness that is slowly taking my neverland away from me. The darkness is the “Captain Hook” of my Neverland. It’s always there plotting to destroy every thing in its sight, especially me. I have many friends who help me fight the darkness. From the birds that soar in the sky to the horses that race to my rescue, they are my truest friends.

In my Neverland I am invisible from the pains of the world and the pains of seeing my mother crying in prayer at night, for the strength to get through another day. That is why I believe in Neverland. It was during these pains in life when I would escape to Neverland, only to be threatened by the darkness. The darkness has always been in my Neverland but as I look back at the hard times in my life. I realize that my Neverland was always there to help me through those times, as I was able to fend of the darkness. I know that the darkness will always be apart of my Neverland but as long as I am there to protect it. The darkness will never consume my Neverland.

I have found that anyone can have a Neverland by simply being a kid again. While working at a day care this summer as an assistant teacher, I was able to bring my Neverland to life. About five weeks before I had to leave for school, I was able to take on the teaching role in the four-year old classroom. The regular teacher had a very strict method about how she liked the room to be cleaned and how the kids should be taught. She was so strict that it felt like the kids where being forced to grow up too fast. It seemed like they were baby soldiers in a baby boot camp being forced to do anything their commander told them to do. I felt that these kids where not allowed to really explore their imagination and learn new things. With the “Commander” gone, I was able to teach the kids any way I wanted. I had recently taken some teaching classes, and I learned how to create a place where the kids would want to go each morning and leave talking about it at night. That was my goal as I proceeded to teach the kids.

Monday, November 27th, 2006 was the first day I taught, and I was able to bring the idea of Neverland to life by decorating the room like the north pole with penguins every where. As the kids walked in and explored the room, I could see their excitement beaming from their little bodies because they couldn’t wait to explore and learn. When I taught, I could tell that the kids were loving what they where learning because they were excited to ask and answer questions. I was able to see them fly to their own Neverlands as they were able to imagine the things we were learning about. I had helped them create a Neverland of their own. ­-A place were they could learn, grow, and feel safe. We had so much fun in our Neverland that some kids cried when they had to go home because they thought the class would go back to the boot camp it was before, they only stopped crying after I reassured them this Neverland would not disappear overnight. They were more excited to learn about what I would teach them tomorrow. The kids had so much fun that learning itself became a Neverland for them. That is why I believe in Neverland.

When Wendy, John, and Micheal are reminded of their mother, they realize that they must go home. Sometimes life forces me to leave my Neverland for a little while but I can always go back anytime because Neverland will always be there when I need it the most. As I strive to become the best history teacher ever, I know that I can depend on Neverland, to help me get through the difficult times in my life. Hopefully I can continue to help kids create their own Neverlands, to help them in life, like mine has helped me. That is why I believe in Neverland.