This I Believe

Stacy - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Saving Animals

I live in Sapulpa and there is a lot of animals roaming around. My family and I have taken in a couple stray dogs. Everyone should have a chance right? We are good people, we have lost some, and some have run away.

I like how people who try to avoid running over animals. I try to avoid hitting animals. If its dark I can see how people run over animals. I have done that before. But in plain daylight, it kills me.

I have seen pictures of abused animals, dogs and cattle. It is horrible to think somebody does that. There was a story about a kid that is trying to help a lot of abused sheep that probably have not eaten in a year or two. So our FFA organization is trying to raise a lot of money to donate to him for sheep feed. That is a hero to me.

I think if people can not take care of an animal or people just do not care about it, do not get one at all. It is hurtful to the animal. It is just the same as abusing a human. People should be put in jail for abuse.

I am not trying to be demented, but if people did not feed or at least water an animal for two weeks, I would like to see that person not eat or drink for two weeks. Just so they know how it feels. Why are people like that? Why do they want to hurt animals? Did they do something wrong? I would not think so.

The ASPCA are also heroes to me. They save animals that are abused and put them in shelters. I think they also put the owners in jail. But I am not quite sure on that. Every one can save an animal. They save animals that are hurt and try to save them.

Animal abuse is wrong and if you can save an animal, save the animal. Saving animals can go a long way. If there is an animal that looks like it has not eaten feed them. They would love you for it. I believe that saving animals can do a lot for the society.