This I Believe

Tanya - Mannford, Oklahoma
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: parenthood

The Powerful Words!

A father’s love: What does it mean? About five years ago, how I felt about my father changed. See I took him for granted everything I wanted I got most of the time. When I was about ten years old, I hated cheerleaders they were so annoying. I was rude to them every chance I got. My father told me “You better be nice to those girls or one day they’re going to be rude to you.” I told my father to shut up and quit trying to run my life. I was grounded for a month.

Well I did not listen to my father I wanted to run my own life. I knew my father was right but I didn’t care I was going to be rude to those girls and I didn’t care what anyone thought either. One day in the cafeteria the girls were walking by me and I tripped them, they fell and all their food went everywhere it as so funny. I got into a lot of trouble that day, I got suspended for two weeks, and I got grounded for two months it just wasn’t my week. Well I was not all big and bad once I was suspended over being mean.

So I went home and waited for the worse, all my father did was gave me a speech. He said “To get respect you have to give it.” After that I knew, respect is the alternative key to life and respect is a powerful word.

My father said “I was just like you when I was younger and the football players made me so mad because they were popular and I was a geek, but if I had tried out, I would have probably been a football player but I didn’t so therefore I wasn’t one. My father passed away August 8 2006. He taught me that without hope or passion in life you’d never succeed. Those words my father spoke ill never forget,” to get respect you have to give it.” In my heart respect is a beautiful word, this I believe.