This I Believe

Donnivon - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“Friendships and Relationships”

Friendships are one of the most important things that I have in my life, even more important than the relationships that I’ve had. Don get me wrong, family is important but you should have a special bond of friendship with your family. It seems to make life with your brothers and sisters a lot easier. I’m very close to my family and a few best friends. Being close to my best friends, even if everyone thinks that they’re weird is more important than fitting in with the “in” crowd. True friends are always there for you, they will never stab you in the back, unless of course they really aren’t a true friend, so you should always be there for those true friends.

I learned the hard way a few weeks ago that someone that you think loves you may just be using you to find there way to other people. In the teenage years, especially in my case, it is very easy to find some that you may think that you are in love with but, but really it’s merely a form of puppy love. When your heart gets broken it’s usually your best friend’s shoulder that you cry on, because they know exactly how you feel. My best friends always seem to be there for guidance and support. I learned the hard way that if you pick a crush over a good friend, it can hurt them, and when that short relationship ends, you won’t have that friend to turn to anymore, because usually friends love you more than a girlfriend or boyfriend. Relationships are great, but you should never fully give your heart to them, you should keep that special place there for the friends closest to you.

Casual friends are good to have also, sometimes a simple “hello” and a friendly smile from someone that I barely know makes my day. You should always be polite to everyone you meet because that person may well be your best friend one of these days. Be polite to those you meet, but don’t try to impress someone that you think is cool, it’s embarrassing to admit but I’ve done this, and it usually just makes them think you’re a “weirdo”. Stereotypes shouldn’t stop you from talking to people because most of the time they aren’t true anyway, some of my greatest friends are from different stereotypes. In fact my best friend Beth, is Native American, and we started off as casual friends, now look at us.

I’ve had friendships that have turned into relationships. It was actually pretty cool, because we already knew each other pretty well. It didn’t end as well as it began though, because I lost her as a friend in the long-run. However, in another case it brought me even closer to the person, and to this day we are still great friends, so really it all depends on the person.