This I Believe

Amanda - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Sports with Hard Work

I believe that sports are not just something to play and they aren’t something you just do either. Sports, whether it’s softball, track, football or any kind of sports, you accomplish what you have learned.

You work hard at what you’re trying to do. Practice doesn’t make perfect hard work with practice makes perfect, you hustle trying to do what you’re trying to accomplish. Then even when you mess up or fall, you’re still working hard at it, and when you keep on trying and never give up, you will accomplish it. If you give up on something, you will never know what would have happen or you will regret it. You might have found your dream that changed your life. You could have been like a famous basketball player. You know what? Have you ever had the feeling that what if? Yes. Don’t really like that feeling. Just never give up what you’re trying to do.

Playing a sport or just getting out there and doing something helps you keep in shape. I believe that shape is good for your body. It’s healthy. When you’re in shape you would hate to get out of shape, because it’s really hard to get back in shape, but really easy to get out of shape. Then when you run or jump you can lose weight. It’s great, and feels great also.

Sports aren’t all about competition. You would love to win but it’s about how you hustled and about how you acted your attitude. When you win you should always have good sportsmanship. You will never rub it in on somebody or a team you had beaten, it makes you look bad, even if you won or lost. Playing all kinds of sports helps you with friends. When you play, you play as a team. My friend and I always like to play together in basketball because we work well together we have good team work. We almost always make the same amount of points or assists. There is no I in team.

I love sports, it what makes me, me. I’m very competitive but I have good sportsmanship. I have worked hard at what I’m doing. Sports help me with almost everything; I have a lot of friends, and family that come support me, and sports will help me get into college and help me get in a good education. Sports is fun and I don’t know what I would do without it.