This I Believe

Justin - Cooper City, Florida
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I am an avid drummer. At 16, making music and listening to it surrounds my life. Playing my drums and making music provides a figurative doorway that takes me away from all of the present world’s issues. This I believe.

I began to play the drums in the beginning of middle school, about six years ago. I am now a sophomore in High School. Stress sticks its ugly head out every school day. Even after each school day is over, I go home to the stress of homework. I needed to escape. I began to just jam on my drum set to avoid stress. While I was playing, I realized that, through my drums, I had escaped from stress. My mom walked into my room, where I was playing, to tell me to stop because I was too loud. I completely ignored her until I finally broke my drumsticks. After that experience, I realized making music is the only plausible way to escape from everything. I wasn’t just escaping from school; I wanted to escape from every issue: from the war in Iraq, to epidemics in Europe and Asia. Music allowed this.

However, I’m not the only musician that understands this concept. I began to talk to guitarists, bassists, pianists, and other drummers about their “doorway.” As a result, we all began to jam on Saturdays, even though we all had heaps of homework waiting for us when we arrived at home. Every member in my newly formed band had something in common. We all could not escape our daily dosage of strain. Ever since the formation of our band, the stress at school is easily contained and dealt with. For some other people, their “doorway” comes from exercising or playing a sport. For us musicians, our “doorway” comes from believing in the influence of making music.

Making music is not just a hobby, it’s a necessity. Without it, many professional and amateur musicians would have absolutely nothing to do. Perhaps they would just be an average Joe working in a cubical for a corporation. On the other hand, with their talent to make and understand music, they all have something to look forward to. Like these other musicians, I believe that making music provides a figurative doorway that takes me to a place without any stress or strain.