This I Believe

Stephanie - Davie, Florida
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

People say that once you are born your destiny is set. Several people plan out their lives at such a young age and actually stick to it. Some common phrases one might hear out of a child’s mouth are “I want to be a supermodel,” or “I want to be a fashion designer,” or maybe even “I want to be a firefighter.” Of course some do not even follow their career choice at first, but there are others that do. A number of children have parents who choose the career they want them to do, what college they’re going to, or even what sport they’ll be an all star player in. I just happen to be one of those people.

Not only do I have my life set by my parents, but by my grandparents as well. My grandparents want me to become a lawyer, but my parents want me to go into the business field and become a realtor, or something along those lines. However, the one thing they seem to agree on is me going to a Florida College.

This is not my dream, but it seems to be my destiny. I, however, want to pursue a career in the medical field and go to the University Of Notre Dame. As to the career I want to do, well, I’m still thinking about that. My parents do not think that I should even pursue a career in the medical field because of all the possibilities of malpractice and not having time to settle down and raise a family. Then there’s the college. Getting into college is tremendously difficult now, and from what I hear Notre Dame is extremely tough to get into.

I am constantly pressured to do well in school and any grade under an A, is a disappointment for my parents, especially my mom. However, going against my parents seems disrespectful, but in a sense it’s not. I feel that I am not destined to live a life of a lawyer or a realtor, which my family supports so much, but a life that lies elsewhere.

No one can experience the wonders of life if they are living someone else’s dream. I believe in changing destiny. I have a driving passion to go into to the field of medicine because there is something that attracts me to it, but I do not know why. No matter how many times people push me away from this topic it just brings me closer to it. This dream might be difficult for me, but at least I’ll be able to live the life I want.