This I Believe

Sarah - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Growing up I was always the baby. Since my brother is seven years older than me, he constantly teased and annoyed me. All day we would bicker and fight over nothing. We would declare peace, and then five minutes later we would be at each others throats.

I believe that there is no such thing as peace, only understanding.

As I got older I realized that this whole peace thing wasn’t working out so maybe I should try something new. So I became a bit nicer to my brother, and began trying to figure out why he annoyed me and made me do his chores. By understanding the constant pressure he went through with school and work, I learned to do things that would make him happy. Instead of going crazy after he stole my toilet paper, I would just go get some more and even a couple of rolls for him, as well, instead of yelling at each other to see which one of us was going to clean the downstairs, we started taking turns because we both understand we are busy. One day I’ll do the kitchen, one day he’ll do it. We both understand the pressure each of us is going through and with that we can find a common boundary that will keep us from bickering, and help us get along. I guess the world can take a lesson from this. Instead of trying to make peace and just ending conflict and war quickly, people should try to understand each other, and try to set a common boundary that will settle their differences and conflicts in time.

Because of this I believe that understanding is the smartest way to go, and that understanding will benefit society because so far the whole “peace” idea hasn’t worked.