This I Believe

Tatiana - hollywood, Florida
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe Being Tough Is the Way To Get What You Want

I used to be all about kindness and softness. I used to believe that you would get something in return for kindness. I used to believe kindness was the way to get what you want, but I was wrong. My father taught me that kindness and softness only make you vulnerable; he was right.

Nobody likes a bully, that’s a given. Nobody likes a pushover either, and that’s the truth. If a person is tough, it means he or she stands up for what they believe in. Being tough doesn’t make you a bully; it makes you a strong person.

My father and I used to be completely different. I was nice to everyone and gave them what they wanted. My dad, on the other hand, is a strong character and says things that are true, no matter how mean it is. He is a successful businessman and it was all because he was tough.

The real world today is not fuzzy and soft like The Teletubbies world; it’s harsh and cruel. If you are nice to everyone and give them what they want, you will end up nowhere. If you are always soft and kind, it’s easier for others to break you.

Everyone has a turning point in their life when their perspective on things changes. My turning point was in the eighth grade.

I had a “friend” that I met in fifth grade. I was nice to her when she was new. I helped her adjust and make new friends. My father always told me not to be vulnerable and nice to everyone I met because the kindness wouldn’t always be returned. As always, I showed him I understood with a nod, but I never really knew what he was talking about, until fall of 2004. This supposed “friend” started spreading rumors and lies about me, and that’s when I figured out what my dad was saying all those years. I finally realized that kindness only makes other people take advantage of you. I finally realized being tough is the only way to stay stronger and not let anyone break you.

As I said before: being tough doesn’t make you a bully, it makes you a strong person. In this cruel world, you have to be strong to survive. For example, have you ever heard of a SUCCESSFUL businessman who was always kind and giving? Of course not, that’s not how the world works. It’s much easier to break a small, thin, limp flower than to break a whole, tall tree. Being strong and standing for what you believe in is the only way to get what you want out of life.

“You can’t always be kind and get what you want.” Out of all the advice my father has given me, that advice was the best. Being tough is the way to get what you want; this, I believe.