This I Believe

Michael - Hollywood, Florida
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe In Living the Dream…

I believe in living the dream. Living the dream means making your dream reality, while at the same time following your heart by doing what you enjoy. In my case, living the dream would be living on a beach where I could surf everyday. I believe in living the dream because a person should enjoy what they do. There is no shame in living a happy life.

I first came to believe in living the dream after I watched my cousin struggle to find a job after leaving college. Once he picked a job, my cousin realized he did not enjoy his profession, and returned to school to study what he enjoyed. After watching my cousin’s failure I came to believe in living the dream and doing what you enjoy.

At this point in my life, living the dream means hanging out with my friends, having the ability to go boating, and even enjoying my afternoon flight lessons. Another reason I came to believe in living the dream was by watching my father not only succeed as a doctor but also enjoy it. Furthermore, I watched my grandfather, an extremely successful businessman, work hard but still manage to have fun because he was doing what he enjoyed. I feel because my grandfather was able to find joy in his life as a workaholic, he was living his dream.

As I have matured and grown into a young adult, I have learned what living the dream is. It isn’t just earning a living, but it is living a life that people envy. I feel I live the dream in this aspect because my parents have afforded me a lavish life style. The boats, car, and flying they have given it all to me. I have learned to believe in living my own dream. My dream includes fast cars, flying planes, driving boats, and basically trying the limitations of everything from cars to people. I know that I am living my dream however, because given any situation I can guarantee you that I will find a way to have fun.

I live the dream, simply because I do what I enjoy. I know, as I grow older, my dreams will change, but I have promised myself that I will follow them simply out of necessity to enjoy my life.

There is more to living the dream though. This final aspect is doing what is right no matter the cost. Although this final part might seem a little irrational, it is the price that must be paid for living the dream.