This I Believe

Jordan - beavercreek, Ohio
Entered on March 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in life. Life is a difficult subject to some. It being filled with drunks, deaths, tragedy, flaw, cruelty, and such. But for me its different. It’s not a hard subject. I believe in life and the reason behind my belief is that we make life out to be what it is. Only the person running their life can have control over life. See, I believe life isn’t the big picture thats all going on around us. It’s what is going on with us. Life, for me, is going down to the grocery, picking up my brother, and going to school, being that I’m nineteen and still at home in high school. Life for someone else could be going to work, taking care of the kids, and making dinner. Then life to another is running the country, passing bills, and meeting ambassadors. Another life includes making movies, avoiding publicity, and being famous. Just look at that. Life isn’t something that everyone is in. It is something that everyone has one of. Meaning, that person is the only one that is going to effect that life. They’re the only one in that life that lets things effect it. And to me this is making the best of things with what you have. Even if it is a drunk dad, then look to your mother and realize that you have her. Or if your best friend died, don’t look at the fact that they’re dead, but look at the fact that you got to have them in your life. These events that you think shape your life, should be events that you shape into your life. So I guess it comes down to the old saying, life is what you make it. And if you think its going to be a good day, chances are that its going to be good day. And likewise with, if you think its going to be a bad day, chances are it will be bad day. With that, you can only think life is an individual thing since everyone doesn’t have a good or a bad day at the same time. Everyone has their own life. And you have yours. And I have mine. And it is as good as I make it, because I believe in life.