This I Believe

Marie - Keller, Texas
Entered on March 13, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the power of pineapples…or maybe it is the power of collecting pineapples….either way, pineapples make me feel good. Not fresh, raw pineapples, but pineapple replicas. Pottery, glass, paper, metal, rubber, wax and wooden pineapples. I just love to look at them and have over 400 in my home.

I have been collecting pineapples for over 25 years. My first pineapple was actually a set of three pineapples…a porcelain coffee pot with matching creamer and sugar bowl that my parents gave me for Christmas. Then l bought a simple 3” long metal hook that is painted and shaped like a pineapple. Next I commissioned a small pine stool to be stenciled with a pineapple. And the collecting has gone on from there.

Why pineapples? I have often wondered and been asked…and would simply answer that they make me feel good. But the more I thought about it…that answer did not seem complete. I could not figure out why exactly they made me feel good.

I had heard back when I first started collecting that pineapples are a symbol of hospitality, which began back in the colonial days. And while it is true that I have been complimented on being hospitable and that I enjoy having guests in my home and playing hostess, the reason for my attraction seemed to be deeper than that. Then one day it hit me.

About a year before I started collecting, I had emergency surgery to have an enlarged cystic ovary removed. I remember waking-up in my hospital room after the surgery and the first thing I saw was this beautiful tropical floral arrangement with a 5” to 6” miniature fresh pineapple at its center. At the time, it was the most beautiful thing I had every seen. The arrangement was from one of my sisters and the sight of it filled me with joy and amazement…look at that…there is a pineapple in the middle of those flowers…how neat…and I am alive and feeling so much better…and can enjoy this incredible floral arrangement with a pineapple in the middle of it.

Luckily the cysts were benign and I recovered just fine…but, I was different after that, not just physically, but mentally. I realized I had survived a terrible trauma and the first-sight of that pineapple confirmed it for me…not the doctor saying “all went well,“ but rather the sight of that beautiful, fresh pineapple with its green frond top and orange diamond patterned base ,nestled among the flowers looking so very sweet.

Today, pineapples are all over the first floor of my house, the second floor is my son’s space and they have not encroached there, yet. I must say, I have them tastefully placed around the house. Most of them are kept in a corner curio cabinet that is starting to get very crowded, while those outside of the cabinet are grouped in different places, according to color scheme.

I love the sight of pineapples; they make me feel good…alive…and well.