This I Believe

Tameya - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Getting Along With Teammates

When was the last time your teammate gave you a high five and said “Good job”? Playing a team sport is rough without good teammates. You have to rely on each other all the time. Whether it is expecting the other person to make the catch for the pass you just threw or relying on the person who just threw the ball to get it to you, you are relying on that teammate. I believe that whenever you are assigned to a certain team that friendships will grow.

When I first entered into the tenth grade, I along with the other sophomores, were assigned to be a part of the high school basketball team. Although we played mostly junior varsity, the older girls still made us feel like we were a part of the team. Whenever someone got into trouble or messed up the team stood up for that person. There is this one girl in particular whom I did not get along with at all. We always had run- ins with each other and did not care about the other person. Whenever we were doing a drill and had each other as a partner, we did not rely on each other. Because of not relying on the other person, we did not care if the other person messed up and got into trouble.

That is not a nice way to act towards your teammates but we have our own different aspects on life that cause us not to have a healthy friendship.

When you have good teammates on your team, you will learn and grow together. This past weekend my basketball team won the class 6A state championship. That was the greatest experience of my life. I am going to remember that experience for all of my days left on this earth. I was so glad that I got to share it with my teammates.

Sometimes you just have to look past each others differences and play the game that you both love to play.